Sunday, May 15, 2011

German grandchildren of Nazis delve into past

As a person of Irish descent, and descendant of genocide, slavery, and exile, I look upon the constant bilking of the suffering identity as a cash cow. The fact is every single human being on the planet is a victim. The task is in what we choose to do with it. People can rise above their victimhood and choose not to victimize more people. The problem is, a lot of victims feel that the things that happened to them gives them the right to harm other people, and control them with their wounds. Many victims become predators. All predators were once victims, and they are the ones to blame for repeating the past.

"Never again" has become never forget, never let them forget, and exact revenge.

The Jews are committing genocide against the Palestinians, scream "Holocaust" the whole way, and the Palestinians never had anything to do with that, and rightly defend their lives. Jews control the entire European race by inflicting collective guilt so that they have our support in the evil things they do, like steal land, wipe Palestinians and other Middle Easterners off the map, and enslave the middle class of the Western world with their banking and Wall Street usury. They get away with brainwash because they control Hollywood and all forms of media, press, and publishing.

I for one am sick of watching my people be their slaves and Palestinians get erased from the earth. As a descendant of genocide, I'm sick of the holocaust cash cow.

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