Saturday, January 15, 2011

What is Patriotism?

Patriotism is rooted in social identity as a basic human need and a basic human right. Patriotism is a feeling of love, honor, and dedication for being part of a people. It is saying "I am part of something much larger than myself." It is a deep valuing of one's own social identity with a group of people who are like ourselves, and with whom we share a long and significant history. We share stories of our people from long before our birth, and have a love for those of our people long dead who have helped to pave the way to who we are today, as we pave the way for our future generations whom we will never know. Patriotism is never about loving a government, for history shows over and over that people have few rights under centralized rulership, and often find themselves its slaves, serfs, or indentured servants. Patriotism is loving the character of who we are: how we are a people, our genetic lines, our stories passed down through the centuries, our triumphs and tragedies, the lands upon which we live, the inner and outer rings of our culture, and what we believe about ourselves. The rings of our culture begins with our family groups, to our extended families, to our local communities, to our regions (such as Appalachia) to our more modern nation, to Westernization/Occident culture. Obviously many groups exist under the larger umbrellas. Patriotism is not the source of violence. Sabotage to patriotism is. Love of one's own people is not the source of violence--threat to one's own people is. As well as greed by the outer group. For example, when another group invades our land for the purpose of usurping what we have (translation: threaten us and our survival--and unity of our group is about our survival) violence begins to emerge anywhere in the range from rejecting people all the way out to mass violence. Sabotage to a group identity also breaks down the group to where they are more easily victimized, taken over, and even genocided by a unified outer group. A divided people is easiest to conquer, kill, and enslave. When our stories (our history) is denied to our consciousness, we lose "who we are". How many people do we know who do genealogy as a hobby, and from the side lines the rest of us love learning about our great, great, great, great grandparents, and so on? How many of us love to learn we have ancient ancestors from the time of Arthur, or that we have indigenous dark Irish bloodline, or that we have ancestors from a specific ancient African tribe? We love that stuff, but we are losing it. By losing the stories of our history we lose the sense that we are a part of something much greater than ourselves. Those who lose that are overtaken by people who have a unified sense of themselves, and it is the strong and unified who survive. For example, the Chinese and the Indians have a very strong sense of who they are and their survival will surpass Americans by thousands of years. Someday we Americans will be long gone because we don't have what they have--the patriotism, the love of our own people that it takes to survive.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Blood LIbel": The Scapegoating of Sarah Palin

The attached video shows four minutes of clips from Twitter users calling for the death and murder of Sarah Palin. This evidence was already removed once, but reposted. Should it be removed again, search for "Twitter Users Death Wish on Sarah Palin".

It was a Jewish Marxist terrorist who murdered a nine year old child this past Saturday. Jared Lee Loughner felled the blood of 20 people, slaying six of them. He even shot two of his own people, one of whom is Jewish Congressional Representative, Gabrielle Giffords.

Meanwhile, thousands of liberals call for the murder and shooting death of Sarah Palin. I suppose this means that Palin will require security protection on account of their "incendiary rhetoric".

In her defense against the thousands of calls for her murder by liberals, Sarah Palin's use of "blood libel" was right on the money. This time, the charge is actually true. "Blood libel" refers to a time when it is said Christians falsely accused Jews of murdering missing children, or children whose deaths could not be explained, for the use of their blood. While it is highly doubtful that Palin used the term to mean anything other than "falsely accused" , as it is now widely understood, she could not have used a more truthful term. A Jew, named Jared Loughner, really did kill a child and five other people.

Jewish supremacists across the nation pounced on Palin for using this term in defense of her own life. Abraham Foxman of the ADL, Simon Greer of the Jewish Funds for Justice, heads of pro-Israeli lobbies such as Jeremy Ben-Ami, the president of J Street, David A. Harris President of the National Jewish Democratic Council, and many more state the Palin's use of the word is inflammatory and even associated her with anti-Semitism. How, then, do all these people explain the false accusations from the entire left that Palin is responsible for the murders in Arizona? How do they explain that one of their own leftist people actually did kill a child, five adults, and wounded 14 others? They "doth protest too much, me thinks".

When a Jew commits a terrible crime, no responsibility is taken by the tribe, but to present the criminal to the world as a "white man".

When a Marxist commits a terrible crime, no responsibility is taken by the liberals, but to present the criminal to the world as a "tea bagger".

As they chose to divide from conservatives by blaming them, open-minded, peace-loving, anti-hate, anti-violence, anti-death penalty, anti-war liberals gleefully called for the murder and shooting death of Sarah Palin. They blame her for an act of terrorism that one of their own people committed. The word hypocrisy doesn't even touch the evil of their thoughts and words. However, "blood libel" certainly comes about as close to the truth as it could get.

The scapegoating of Palin, as well as the Tea Party and conservative citizens as a whole reaches a level of malevolence almost to that of the terrorist act itself. It is a shame that these people are also Americans.