Friday, November 19, 2010

Terrorism by Sexual Humiliation

TSA: The Systematic Humiliation of American Citizens, and the Jews Behind It

The terrorists have won. And they are the TSA.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been transformed into Terroristm by Sexual Assault. Internet news and blog sites are now flooded with stories and debates over the backscatter porno scanners at the airports, and the punishing direct touching of sexual organs of individuals who "opt-out", be they men, women, or children. The employees of the TSA have become legalized felony sex offenders. Millions of United States passengers are now victims of sexual humiliation.

I received an emailed article today that has been the "straw that broke the camel's back". The story was written by a young mother who boarded an airport in Dayton, Ohio with her infant, and with her she had a bottle of breast milk. Because she had flown before she knew she would be called to step aside with the breast milk for a routine that has already been degrading enough since Americans lost their backbone on 9/11/01. She wrote the following excerpt of the physical "search" preformed on her by a female TSA employee:

She patted my left arm, my right arm, my upper back and my lower back. She then said, “I need to reach in and feel along the inside of your waistband.”
She felt along my waistline, moved behind me, then proceeded to feel both of my buttocks. She reached from behind in the middle of my buttocks towards my vagina area.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my buttocks, or reach forward to my vagina area.

She then moved in front of my and touched the top and underneath portions of both of my breasts.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my breasts.

She then felt around my waist. She then moved to the bottoms of my legs.

She then felt my inner thighs and my vagina area, touching both of my labia.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my vagina area or my labia.

She then told me that I could put my shoes on and I asked if I could pick up the baby, she replied Yes.

She then moved back to my belongings to finish scanning them with the paper discs for explosives. When she finished she said I was free to go.

I stood there holding my baby in shock. I did not move for almost a minute.

I stood there, an American citizen, a mom traveling with a baby with special needs formula, sexually assaulted by a government official. I began shaking and felt completely violated, abused and assaulted by the TSA agent. I shook for several hours, and woke up the next day shaking.

This woman was essentially raped.

I am withholding this young woman's blog address as she has expressed the wish to protect her family, but at the same time has a need to warn people.

How many other passengers have had their travel experiences trashed on account of the emotional trauma of sexual violation? How many will carry both the emotional and physical memory of being touched or x-rayed through their clothing for some pervert's viewing for years to come, even the rest of their lives. Later in this mother's post she states she intends to use counseling services for her traumatic experience and it will be paid for by the TSA. The Terrorists by Sexual Assault.

With this story in front of me, 9-11-01 no longer means a damned thing to me. 9-11 has been turned into nothing but a shtick to gain ultimate control over the Citizens of the United States.

Deliberate violation of peoples' sexual privacy is an act of power over. Sexual predators hold emotional power over most of their victims forever. Predators are repeat offenders, even if they commit their crime no more than once, for the memory of their crime recurs in mind, emotional, and/or bodily memory of the victim throughout their lives. Ask any victim of rape how she or he feels about sex with a loved one after the crime. Ask elderly people who remember being molested as children how their experience affected their lives. Even people who were violated at such a young age they have no conscious memories later develop personality disorders that rob them of normal living for decades. All victims of sexual offenses battle the demons inserted by their perpetrators for untold lengths of time.

The employees of the TSA have been transformed into organized ritual abuse sex offenders. All of them. The whole point of sexually assaulting passenger in the "pat down" is to punish and force people to walk through the XXX-ray scanners. This is about mass control in the worst way.

Chester the Molester

Who would be attracted to this kind of employment? Who would be attracted to apply for a job where he or she would sit if front of a computer screen leering at the images of one naked body after another for hours a day? Who would be attracted to a position where they would put their hands onto the bodies of numerous people, their breasts, their buttocks, their penises, and their vaginas? Who would do such a thing? And who would do it for any amount of money? Even of children? There are now hundreds, if not thousands of personal accounts, both written and video, exposing the abusive attitudes of TSA personnel, including one where a man beat his own chest and yelled, "I have power! I have power!"

Exactly. TSA cannot possibly attract workers who have any real consciences. The TSA attracts people who seek to exert their power over other people. Sure, TSA can do criminal background checks and exclude people who have felonies of sex offenses. But they can't exclude the people who have escaped discovery by courts of law. How many victims of sexual offenses have never turned in their molesters or rapists? How many never speak of the offense their whole lives? Theirs are the predators free to work at the TSA. Those are the men and women who stare at your body if you are coerced into stepping in the the scanner. Those are the men and women who touch your private parts, and touch your children should you refuse the scanner. Six in one, half a dozen in the other: It's all criminal.

What is the illegality of sexual assault? There are different levels of assault. There's one called a "simple" assault. If you touch another person in a non-sexual way and they don't want you to touch them, you just committed a misdemeanor should they decide to press charges. Try touching a cop and see what happens.

Sexual assault is non-consensual sexual contact. Wait a minute--the TSA states that when you purchase a flight ticket, you consent to having your naked image viewed or your body touched. WRONG. Any form of coercion, including the requirement of submission to this kind of search, nullifies "consent". Travelers are being blackmailed into choosing one basic human right at the expense of another: Airline customers are now being forced to choose between their right to freedom of movement by means accessible to them (including public transportation such as flying) and their right to privacy. Choosing to eat over being housed, or being housed over being able to eat is not a choice. It is the loss of human dignity either way. Having to give up the right to one's own sexual privacy so that they can travel a long distance by air is not a choice. It is an abusive situation. This is not consent. It's coercion. Airline customers now must choose between the right to privacy or the right to freedom of movement. Imagine how travelers who must fly to a funeral today are forced to add sexual trauma to their pain of grief.

Aggravated sexual assault involves violence. This is a felony. Yes, there now more passengers who have submitted to searches who have gotten the hell beat out of them by exuberant TSA thugs. As bad as this is, there is one level of this felony people often forget. Any sexual touching of a child 14 or 13 (depending on the state) and under is a felony offense. That means every TSA employee that has put their hands onto the bodies of children to search them has committed a felony. Not all pedophiles get caught. Most of them don't. Just ask their adult victims.

Imagine what is happening to flyers who are themselves victims of previous sex crimes. Every one of them is being re-traumatized. Beyond them, more victims are being created every time another person stands in a scanner or stands for physical assault. Do TSA workers ever wonder if one of their victims will remember their name and look them up?

Why hold the TSA employees responsible? They are "only doing their job". That's what they said at Nuremberg. What was the response of Nuremberg when Nazi soldier said they were "only following orders"? Should all employees do whatever their supervisors tell them to do, no matter how criminal the act? Ever hear of Refuseniks? Even Israel has refuseniks. Some US soldiers refused to fight in an illegal war in Iraq. If the TSA employers told their workers to steal from passengers, lowlifes the bunch of them are, they'd do that, too.

Why would TSA employees do this to American citizens? I've been to many airports in cities. Chicago, DC, New York--could it be the minorities that work there take delight in inflicting their angry harm on mostly white passenger who have the funds to fly while they don't? Certainly, jealousy (another word for greed) is a powerful emotion--powerful enough to turn a government employee into a criminal. How much do gropers and leering predators get paid? Enough to afford a plane ticket? Hardly.

I have another observation about this. A few days ago I stopped for gas at one of the cheapest stations in an area where there is a high population of Hispanics and Muslims. Every time I go, most of the customers are Hispanic, many Arab, and the people who own the pumps are Middle Eastern. On top of their pumps is a small placard advertising jobs with the TSA. An add located in an area frequented mostly by foreigners. Yes, there are a lot of foreigners working the airports that I use. How is it in high alert years that the US government would exponentially increase the employment of foreign-born people's, especially while US Citizens lose their jobs? These people don't care about Americans. They are not from here. They are paid mercenaries. I'm seeing a lot of articles on the internet where Muslim women are allowed to avoid both the scanner and the extremely invasive search while American passengers are forced into it. Americans are specifically being singled out.

Who Would Dream Up Such a System of Invasion of Privacy?

How about two Jews?--Michael Chertoff and Janet Napolitano

Did the prono screeners come about because of the underwear bomber? Think again. Think sex, money, and power. Dual citizen of Israel, Michael Chertoff, former head of the FBI and the Department of Homeland "Security" ordered the first batch of naked body screeners in 2005. That was FIVE YEARS before the underwear bomber. Chertoff retained this company, Rapiscan past his DHS appointment as his client of his consulting firm, Chertoff Group (or should I say grope?) With their foot in the government's door, Chertoff used his former titles to expand their business and the prostitution dollars in his own pocket. Chertoff, the Israeli citizen, is using his high level, American-tax funded positions to bring about a widespread sexual invasion of privacy against the American public while he lines his pockets. Chertoff has gained this power over the American public through the constant fear-mongering inflicted on American since 9-11.

You gain power over others through fear. Fear of another terrorist attack, fear of anthrax, fear of bird flu, fear of mad cow disease, fear of swine flu, fear of the DC snipers, fear of the mortgage crisis, fear of financial collapse, fear of the shoe bomber, fear of the underwear bomber. If you want power over others, you never let up on inflicting fear. And if you really want power, you sexualize it. This is what Michael Chertoff, former director of the Department of Homeland Security has done to the American people.

Janet Napolitano is telling American citizens if they don't want to submit to coercive sexual invasion, then they can choose not to fly. Amazingly, she was the attorney who represented sexual assault victim, Anita Hill, during the Clarence Thomas hearings. If anyone should know about the traumatizing effects of unwanted sexual touching or leering, it's this woman. That she would tell airline customers to submit or get off is breathtaking. Is that not how predators treat their victims?

With an attitude like that it is no surprise she was chosen to succeed Michael Chertoff. It disgusts me that a graduate of the University of Virgina, founded by Thomas Jefferson, would have no sense of constitutional, civil, or basic human rights. She must have studied them so that she could deny them. However, being a descendant from both parents of a tribe that ritualizes blood sexual humiliation of all its male infants, it's clear she has an agenda of control over the innocents of America. By supporting sexual predation at the airports, she is a predator herself.

What does the Jewish religion have to do with sexual predation? One hell of a lot. These are people who have for thousands of years unified themselves in a most disgusting way--by amputating the foreskins of all of their own sons. Until recently, circumcisions have been done without anesthesia, for circumcisers didn't' believe infants had feelings, or if they did, would not remember it. All bodies retain the memory of physical trauma whether or not the brain has developed to a stage to mentally remember or make sense of it or not. In fact, pre-lingual traumas can be the worst kind for human beings grow up not understanding what is wrong with them.

But the mothers of circumcised infants do remember. They do not protect their own birth children from the knifing of the most painful and humiliating kind. Mothers are supposed to protect their babies from harm. Yet, Jewish mothers promote the worst harm of all.

Victims often become predators. It is no wonder the entire Jewish race is so messed up. It is no wonder they are most always involved one way or another in violent conflicts such as the genocide of the Palestinians, or inflicting and promoting sexual humiliation of non-Jews through the Jewish-dominated pornography business, or continue to participate in human trafficking of Eastern European women into sexual slavery in Israel, or poisoning the minds of Westerners against family integrity and marriage commitments through their control of television and Hollywood. It is no wonder they co-created and promoted the legalization of sexual offense at our nation's airports.

And it is no wonder Jews are known for the intensity of their audacious greed. Holding money is a way to hold power--and they aren't just greedy for money. Money is not enough. Having power over other people is the endgame. Setting up backscatter scanners all across the United States and Europe is not just about making money, although profit is part of it. Obtaining power over masses of other people in the most effective way is the real goal: Power over through sexual humiliation.

What is Really Being "Sacrificed"?

"There has to be some sacrifice", we are being told. Sacrifice for what? Of what? The loss of sexual and personal safety in exchange for safety? The loss of on of the most basic human rights in order to enjoy another basic human right? How about the US Government stop making enemies around the world, meanwhile target-search only those people who would be dangerous?

I'll tell you what's being sacrificed: The American People as a whole. We are being turned into a nation of sexually traumatized victims. This form of humiliation is now affecting millions of people.

One way to destroy a people is to destroy their pride as a people. Overt war doesn't work as well as covert humiliation. Victims of war will rally together, help each other, share their pain with one another, vow to stand up to their enemies together, even be identified internationally as a group of people through their experiences as victims. Yet, history demonstrates that the very worst of war experiences are not the deaths, but the humiliation victims experience at the hands of their perpetrators. The worst kind of humiliation is sexual, especially if it is public. This is the reason the United Nations have come to define rape as a form of torture. Gang rape, for example, is a way to degrade and destroy not only the victim, but her people as well.

Mass sexual humiliation programs an entire generation of people to feel shame. Sexual trauma is a form of brainwash, and in fact is often used along with other forms of torture for brainwash. Sexual trauma is hypnotic. The effects last for generations. Mass trauma in a shameful way at the hands of dark forces changes the way a whole group of people sees itself--and that view is one of a loss of self-respect. This is what happens to individual victims of sexual violence, and it happens to whole groups of people who are victims together. Individual victims of sexual violence experience long-term, often lifelong shame, depression, anxiety, unexplained fears, low-self esteem, loss of personal pride, loss of trust, loss of safety, loss of identity--the list of profound change is endless. The worst crimes that can be committed against human beings are those that target humiliation. Victims live, most often silently, in the shadow of shame. Their lives are poisoned, and the poison spreads to those around them.

Victims of sexual humiliation have had the reverence for their lives striped from them, and they often feel they can never rebuild a life of reverence. Since 9-11-01, we Americans have lost so much regard for ourselves as a people in the face of constant re-traumatizing with the latest fear. The numbness such constant terrorizing of us by our own government and its lapdog media is deliberate--all for the purpose of controlling all of us. Topping it off with sanctioned sexual terror of mostly the middle class at the airports is intended to render us helpless and transform our numbness into deep shame. Silence all too often comes with sexual shame. It is in being profoundly silenced we will ultimately lose ourselves as a people, and as a nation.

Silence is never golden. We must not submit to the US Government's infliction of psychic trauma upon our entire citizenry. We must stop the literal striping of our rights, one by one. None of us can stop this monster alone. We have to band together and refuse to be separated. The line in the sands are not between American across political lines. The real line is the one between our nation's people and the people who have usurped the powers of our government. Anything that does not honor our long history of the American People with Backbone must cease. For ourselves, for our children, and for future generations, we must collectively take a brave stand.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Obama Demands ALL Political Prisoners be Released

Obama Demands "that ALL Political Prisoners Be Released, Not Just One"

Tonight's MSNBC News televised the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro-Democracy leader of Myanmar. Across all media reports, Obama refers to Kyi as "a hero of mine". Public comments and blogs are already pointing out that statement to be a curious statement for a president who is accused of being a foreigner and Muslim while showing favoritism to southeast Asian people, many of whom are Muslim.

The kicker comes with the so far very little reported statement by Obama that ALL political prisoners be released, not just one.

HELLO?? Guantanamo? Where was the promised "change" regarding the prisoners in Guantanamo? In fact, the United States has quite a history of political imprisonment and false accusations against its own American citizens! How about the falsely accused Edgar J. Steele? Or David Lane, who died in prison and was kept there as an example to anyone who would speak out for the rights of people because they are White? Our own David Duke was a target for political imprisonment as he dedicated his life to expose Jewish supremacist and their hold on power over the rest of America, as well as Europe.

How about Obama step up and demand the liberation of Vincent Reynouard, politically imprisoned in France for heretical opinions? His only "weapon" was a pen. Revisionist research and discussion of the Holocaust from any but the official view is punishable in most European countries with time behind iron. That's political imprisonment. Where was Obama when Ernst Zundel was finally released from political imprisonment in Germany? Seventy-four year old Horst Mahler is likely behind bars with a 12-year sentence, revenge for insulting Jewish Michel Friedman, former VP of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. There was Brad Love and Terry Tremaine of Canada, and David Irving of the UK.

ALL political prisoners? I'd like to see this community organizer in Chief hold true to that one!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Multicultural Transformation": Code for Jewish Genocide of Europeans

This past week a friend sent me a short video interview of an American Jewess in Sweden seeking to erase Swedish culture by making the Swedes and all of Europe more "multicultural". Today, I found the same video is spectacularly discussed and produced by David Duke in his own video. Barbara Lerner Spectre (any relation to Arlen?) forewarns that "without that transformation", which will most certainly be "led" by the Jewish race, "Europe will not survive".

Just how is it that a people who have existed for 40,000 years will not survive if they do not surrender their social and racial identity as a people? I take Ms. Spectre's words to be a direct threat to the existence of Europeans. Exactly how is it that 800 million people are going to "transform" to conform to this Jewish woman's expectations?

I'll tell you how--I'll tell you what she is not telling you. The Jewish plans to "transform" the European people will happen in no way except through massive violence and force.

Just who exactly gets to decide how Europeans live their lives and express their cultures? This lady seems to thing Jews get to make that call. I believe they call this Chutzpah.

Let me present the following disquisition: I first want to set straight some of the terminologies we have in our political lexicon. There is one thing I hate and that's the misuse of words to mean things they don't. Though the average person doesn't engage this with malicious intent, the originators and many of the messengers of such misused word do.

The first word is "diversity". According to my Webster's (and yes, I look 'em up the old fashioned way--by flipping open a page), "diverse" translates: "differing from one another; UNLIKE; composed of distinct elements or qualities". "Diversity" translates as "the condition of being different; VARIETY; an instance or a point of difference".

The next word is "multiculturalism". Now, would you believe that word has been in existence for such short time it's not even in my 1983 collegiate dictionary? I actually have to look it up online. It's "the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country."

It can? Has anyone been to America lately? Things aren't going so well here, I'm afraid to tell. If you keep your eyes peeled for CNN (Crap, Not News) or Faux News, we're about to explode into all out racial wars over here. But that's the point of it all.

The thinly veiled intentions of multiculturalism isn't a bunch of different cultures peaceably sharing a neighborhood together, but to eventually create a racially and politically monoculture out of all these people--and everyone knows this. "Monoculturalism" is what is meant by "multiculturalism". The erasure of all those differing cultures has a name: Genocide.

In fact, it's historically demonstrated, repeatedly, that "multicultural" states collapse on themselves, most of the time in violence, as with Yugoslavia, Rhodesia, and now South Africa. Sometimes, as with the former Soviet Union, they are maintained via violence. Different groups of people don't want to give themselves up to this--and they shouldn't have to!

We are lead to misbelieve that groups of people whose social identities, religious beliefs, and world views are completely unrelated will take the advice of Rodney King and "all just get along". And Jews believe they are just the people to pull this off. The only way to create this imagined "world" is to destroy individuality.

I have news: It ain't gonna happen. The human spirit is far too powerful to submit to the death of creativity. People will give up their physical lives before living in that world. I'm one of them.

Diversity is not a modern concept to which we all must elevate ourselves. Diversity already exists; in fact it has always been a fact of life for human beings. Even in places where people are thought to be homogeneous diversity is the reality. People differ by gender, regions, age, socio-economic status, profession, political views. Even our perceptions of all those things differ between us.

Of all the world's peoples, there is no group that is as diverse as the people of European ancestry. We are so different among our group that we are the most individualistic people on earth. It is who we are. It is also the reason we have a hard time "sticking together" as the Jews do far beyond even national and linguistic boundaries. Just in Europe there are 50 countries and over 100 languages, many that are endangered. European eye and hair coloring run the full gamut of the human rainbow. These are just among the White people. Red hair and features, according to the National Geographic, stand to fall extinct in less than a century when they had been very common until one or two generations ago.

Go to China and try to find the same level of diversity. Go to Africa and try to find the same level of diversity among the Negros. Even in all of South and Central America, the primary language spoken across nations is Spanish. If American Israelis like Barbara Spectre want to "transform" a continent to one that is multicultural, they have landed on the wrong shores. She needs to go back to the Middle East and start with Israel, one of the most racist nations on the planet. Her own people are carrying out genocide against people who have always been there because they are different from Spectre's people. Once she has success there, I'm sure she would be welcomed to "transform" the Chinese, who are about the most undiverse people I can imagine.

Europe already has diversity. Europe already has extremely heterogenous realities across essentially one race. People of European descent are so different from one another in part because of our deeply individualistic natures. We are very individualistic thinkers.

When you get a room full of a hundred independent thinkers together, you are faced with a hundred different ways of thinking. There is no people on earth more pluralistic than people of European blood. Yet, there seems to be a no more homogeneous group of people than Jews. They stick together even more than Chinese people do. Yet, White people are blamed en mass for the psychopathic crimes of Jews, easily done for they are similar in coloring and features. The intended effect of that projected blame is to weaken the Jews' perceived enemy--us. Jews get away with this because European peoples are so diverse and independent they forget to look out for one another. Those who do look out for other Europeans are shouted down with the vile epithet, "racist". No other people go through this abuse.

There are major problems with diversity. Diverse groups do not trust one another. Under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, people did not trust one another. They couldn't--in a matter of 50 years from the first of Bolshevik control and all through the gulag years, 60 million were murdered. Intended death sort of has that effect on people. In America, criminality among African Americans is so prevalent (half of all the males have been behind bars) and European Americans have much lower crime statistics. Interracial crimes involving Blacks and Whites are caused almost exclusively perpetrated by Blacks. The lack of trust between Blacks and Whites is profound. Except here, lacking trust is a Black man's entitlement and a White man's "racism". How does that happen? The divisiveness is intended by certain elites with far too much power.

Why the push to "diversify" and already diverse Europe? To destroy actual European diversity. I'll go one farther: To destroy European peoples. What is the intermediate aim by promoting this "diversity"? To impose a homogeneous political space; to submit to the political prison of destroyed social realities. This is ethnic cleansing to say the least. That European peoples value their own individualistic thinking, creativity, and varieties of living is a direct threat to the now overt control Jews have exerted over Europe since at least the lifetime of their hero, Karl Marx.