Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mistreatment of Christians

I've never been an atheist. I'm agnostic. I don't believe Jesus was "God". I don't even have an answer to who or what God is, or even that God really exists. No one does, and that's why this is about beliefs, faith. Atheists can't prove anything either. They believe there is no God. They can't prove it--they just believe they are right. They are just as crazy as the people they point their fingers at. I don't have a problem with religion as long as it's supportive of people; as long as they help human rights. Not all, but a lot of atheists have entered into the realm of denying the right of human expression to people they disagree with. Many say they are "humanists", but I'll argue that because of their mistreatment of Christians they are not. It's one thing to disagree with Christians, but to make fun of them or put them down is to behave exactly in the way we are trying to prevent.

One thing I am is pro-American and pro-Westernization--that is, in our own (Western) corner of the world. Most Westerners are Christian. I think something like 70% or more of Americans identify as Christian, and because Christians have long been flexible about laws and freedoms, I oppose the repression of them by non-Christians. The rest of us ought to know better than to try to take away freedom of religion. The operative word is "of". Not instead of, or without. Argument and debates are fine. Establishing laws against the first amendment is another matter--which is just what has happened in the past three or four decades.

I spend my time looking for truths. There are clues of it everywhere. I find specs of it in any culture, any religion, any political line of thinking, etc. Because I'm a Westerner, I can "speak Christianity" as a language. I will include many different views on any given subject. In the subject of money, yes, I often go to the bible to look for what is there because in Westernization that is one of the uniforms of thoughts used in understanding the ethics around money issues. For example--we have some really corrupt people in the highest levels of government and banking institutions, people the rest of us can't get at, can't fire, and even have a hard time identifying. They are snakes in suits--predators (there's a book by that name). The rest of us who would not do those kinds of things to other people need to understand how they do this to us if we want to stop our being controlled. We have to become as wise as snakes--not to become snakes, but to know what they know. As far as I'm concerned, the bible gives a good example of explaining this, and I don't think I should overlook it just because my beliefs are different from the intentions of Christianity.

Liberals and Their Hatred of Blue-Eyed People, and Social Identity

A friend of mine wrote me about a conflict in his family over his desire to see white people continue on as a race. He made the best effort he could to explain his views A relative, apparently a liberal, responded with enormous sarcasm, and said some things that, frankly, I thought were pretty extreme and uncalled for. I thought about what my response might be.

A multitude of thoughts come to mind.

I have two friends who are a gay couple. I believe they are born that way. That's a whole discussion in itself. They used to live for many years just outside of DC. They are very social and have countless friends and a lot of people know them. But a few years ago they decided to relocated to a town near the beach. What is special about this town and nearby areas is that there is a large gay population, like San Fransisco. When white people do this, it's called "white flight". But the point is to show that gay people, like everyone else, want to be among people who are like themselves. They don't mind being with people different, but if they don't get to be among people like themselves most of the time, they don't do well. Some of the young ones even suicide over it. Being with similar people means that much,.

What this is about is the basic human need of social identity. Theories of social identity say it is learned from the way we are raised. But that's hard to prove when it comes to gay people, because all of them are socialized to be heterosexual when they are growing up. Then they shock everyone when they reveal their true feelings. They didn't learn it--they were born with it. This example provides the grounds for my argument that social identity is as much nature as it is nurture, possibly even more so.

When kids are adopted, most of them as adults want to seek out their original parents. If they are adopted across cultural lines, when they grow up they seek out something of their birth culture. Obama is a classic example of this. He is an American, born to an American woman. But, as far as he's told, his father was Kenyan, so he goes to Kenya, meets distant relatives and stays in touch, and dons their attire to see what it would be like to look like them and wear clothes like them. This is his way of rebuilding a part of himself--his history, his lineage, the vicarious memory he can only build by collecting it from the words and records of the people of his bloodline.

Many people do this as a hobby--they do genealogy.

Most people in the world today, and for us Westerners, our ancestors the same, carried family stories across many generations. In the Middle East, Arabs can name their father's line back many centuries, and tell you stories about each generations. Most indigenous people are able to do the same. So, the sense of who we are not just as individuals, but as part of an ancient collective of peoples is extremely important to human beings. By having a sense of the long history behind us those people who are long gone get to be immortal through us. We have the same desire to be immortal, and because we know we will die, the survival not only of our younger loved ones, but the whole community of people like us is our way of remaining alive forever.

We have that right.

Our remaining alive forever, no matter what race or culture, includes our physical features, as well as other characteristics such as language, mannerisms, brain power, mental characteristics, even the land we live on. Ask any Native American about this. Even though almost all of them are mixed blood, they jealously protect those who are 'pure' blood. And they reject people who come to them as "wannabes" that say they have a great-great grandmother who was Native American and don't feel like those people are "ours".

The same goes for Jews. When Jews marry outside of their race--and yes they do think of themselves as a race, though they hide that when it's convenient--the non-Jewish newcomers usually have a hard time trying to fit in. There is usually at least some kind of "distance" with the other Jewish family members, if not outright conflict. Jews want to protect and preserve their heritage, and even though they promote intermarriage between everyone else, they reject it for themselves. When whites think this way, we are wrongly labeled "racist". But we are just like everyone else in this way--we have the same basic human needs as everyone else. We would like to preserve ourselves and live forever through future generations, too.

But we are the only ones in the world who are punished for this. And many whites among us are brainwashed into punishing each other for thinking and feeling like anyone else on the planet.

I'll turn the discussion towards those white people who call other whites "racists". Usually, it is liberal whites who call conservative whites racist. They say conservatives are racists for all the things they do to protect their families and their families futures. Now, they are calling them "extremists" for trying to preserve what is natural. But there are some interesting observations to be had about the liberals. They, too, engage in acts of cultural isolation, including white flight. For example, there are many people who are involved in alternative spirituality, such as New Age, Witchcraft, American Sufism; and there are many who seek out living among people like themselves in their spirituality. There are many who seek out communities of vegetarians, as well as communities now called "ecotopia" for those who love environmentalism. We see them migrate to places like the northwest coast, or certain areas of Virginia, or Colorado, and so one. When you throw a party or have a gathering of these people, all or almost all of these "open-minded", pro-one-world people are white. It's fascinating to see. I've seen it because I was a liberal. Among circles like these, in my life I only saw two black people. I did see, however, far more Jews.

A few years ago I was invited to a party that was to benefit Obama's run for office. I decided to go. I learned a great deal. Of the more than 25 people there, including the blond, blue-eyed couple who threw the party, only one person was black, and one person was Hispanic. Everyone else was white--even though the couple lived in a county that has a high concentration of Hispanics.

This is actually how liberals live. They shout down and hurl epithets at the people who actually state they want to preserve the nature of their lives as a people, but do more than anyone else to do the actual deed, including avoiding non-whites.

I am one of those people who actually state my support for the preservation of the white race. I want to see pink skin survive. I want to see blue-eyed people live on. I want to stop the loss of red haired people, for they may only have a century left as their numbers fall to nothing. I want to see blonds continue to exist as they are--and for people to stop putting them down just because they are blond. I want to see white people stop being murdered and lynched just because they are white, whether they are from America, South Africa, or anywhere else that hatred against whites is promoted. I want the bashing of white males to end, for that is both racist and sexist--and inhumane as the numbers of male college admissions falls to the lowest rate ever, let alone finishing college. I want the education system to stop punishing boys for being competitive, for that is also inhumane.

I want liberals to stop calling poor whites who are actually very smart "rednecks" for creating something useful out of what the rest of us would call garbage. Stop ridiculing whites who are too poor to afford or drive hours away to Bed Bath and Beyond, while you live around the corner from it. I reject the false rhetoric that Hispanics do the work "white people won't do" as people from places like Appalachia do do the work, and sometimes die for it in places like coal mines. More and more of these same white people fall deeper into poverty as we giver their jobs away to foreigners. White liberals: speak for yourselves. Hispanics do the work you are too good to do. And stop laughing at the poor whites who do, for they are feeding the jobless in their own families.

If anyone is mean and extreme, it is the liberals for punishing other whites for wanting to be themselves, for wanting to preserve their way of life, and for even wanting the unique character of their genes to survive. According to my dictionary, the definition of "liberal" includes "suitable for a freeman; generous bountiful; not narrow in opinion or judgment; tolerant". Of all those people who call themselves "liberal", "progressive", or even "socialist", almost none of them are any of these things in the definition. I almost laughed cynically when I came to the word, "tolerant". They think they are "tolerant" because they like people who are not orthodox, but they clearly hate people who are. And they show it in their actions, words, and intentions.

If there are any truly hateful people, it is most of those who identify as liberal. For as they take a stand for people they call victims, they would like to see the same crimes committed against people they don't like. Even to cause the demise of blue-eyed people.