Saturday, January 23, 2010

Separation of Goldman Sachs and State

Forwarded to me via email:
Separation of Goldman Sachs and State

"It is time for us the people of the world to revolt in every way which we can against the bankers." --Birgitta Jonsdottir of The Movement in Iceland.

An Action Plan For The Day The Dollar Dies

In 1989 the Romanian government was taken over by a leaderless resistance in two weeks.

The following guide to take control of the federal government by non-violent means and to rebuild the economy is one person's contribution to saving the world from otherwise certain destruction.

1) "Separation of Goldman Sachs and State."

We need to remove all former employees of Goldman Sachs from government. This includes Adam Storch at the SEC, Gary Gensler at the CFTC, Dominique Strauss-Kahn at the IMF, Robert Zoellick at the World Bank and Mario Draghi at the Financial Stabilization Board. We should extend this ban to all Wall Street front groups. These men and women are the manifestation of Evil in this world. All members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Society plus all former employees of Goldman Sachs and the other New York banks and their financial partners should be told to immediately resign from all American and international government posts.

When the dollar dies, we should hold anti-Goldman Sachs rallies in every congressional district to run candidates in both the Republican and Democratic primaries so we win no matter who is elected. This is what the Banksters have done to us in the past. These rallies will allow Americans to talk with one another without the bought and paid for mainstream media telling us what can and cannot be said.

We can force the resignations of every member of the House and the Senate and corrupt members of the current administration. We could file RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) civil suits against corrupt politicians who have conspired with corrupting organizations to systematically sack and loot America. Examples of criminal conspiracies and the Congress would be votes casted to enrich Big Pharma and the vaccine manufacturers even though they know they are killing and maiming American citizens. Another example would be the refusal of the Congress under both political parties to protect us from Monsanto's Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO corn weakens and destroys the internal organs of animals, especially, their livers. I have given up GMO corn until we win the revolution.

We will demand that all named politicians resign immediately. The politicians will choose either to resign or to face the loss of all pensions, savings and property plus risk the possibility of criminal charges after the elections. Nancy Pelosi and her husband could lose half a billion dollars. Dianne Feinstein and her husband could never pass an audit of their finances. The politicians would not want to face a jury of unemployed workers and retirees whose pensions and savings they have stolen with only public defenders standing between them and serious jail time.

They will resign and flee the country allowing us to hold elections across America within 30 days of the collapse of the dollar. This 30 day period would give the President time to actually do something to protect us. I believe Obama was made President precisely because Wall Street wanted to threaten us with a race war if they lost control. Obama has done nothing for anyone outside Wall Street so I do not think Obama will do anything for us in the future. We do have to give him one more chance. We can impeach him and any other public official with the support of many black people after the special elections are over.

We can use that 30 day period to educate the American people. After the special elections, we can use RICO criminal and civil suits to seize the assets of all those who have abused this nation and put them in the prisons where they belong. I would use all proceeds from the RICO lawsuits to fund pensions.

2) We must take over the privately owned Federal Reserve bank and issue Treasury Notes.

When we replace Federal Reserve Notes with Treasury Notes we can use this exchange period to seize the billions of dollars stolen from us but now held in foreign accounts.

The current bonded debt of the United States is over 12 trillion dollars. If we had issued debt free Treasury Notes, there never would have been a public debt and no 700 billion dollars a year in interest paid by taxpayers. Some have suggested a return to the gold standard but we have no gold left in Fort Knox. Some say the bars are gold plated tungsten alloys. Others say that the gold was leased to the big New York banks who sold it long ago to cover their losses. In any event there is not enough gold in either Fort Knox or MONEX to have a gold standard.

Besides, even if we did borrow enough gold from China and India to issue a gold backed currency, the Asians could create a Depression at a moment's notice by withdrawing gold coins from America. What the gold bugs don't tell you is that even on a gold standard most of the money is checking account money created by the same fractional reserve banking system we have now. Wall Street created Depressions in the past on a gold standard by shipping gold overseas.

The best way to explain the Federal Reserve is to compare it to legalized counterfeiters whose only means of passing counterfeit money is to loan it to someone who has to pay the Banksters interest for money they printed themselves.

Since prices are a ratio of the money supply to the goods and services for sale (GDP), we could increase both the money supply and the GDP by 4% without inflating prices. So, if we create our own money and have no debt. Before the American revolution half of the taxes paid by the British people went to pay the interest on the debt that should never have existed. But fortunately there is an alternative. We can create Treasury Notes just like Kennedy and Lincoln. There would no government debt and no interest on the debt.

One problem with our current debt money system is that you must create a debt before you can create money but the banker only creates enough money to pay back the loan but not one cent to pay the interest. This means that the total amount of loans has to be increased every year until the people are burdened by debts and interest payments on the debt. This is a design feature. The banks in the modern world were set up to transfer all wealth from those of us who work to those who were given the divine right to print our money.

3) We need to not just audit the Federal Reserve but to also audit the gold at Fort Knox and also to audit federal spending. It is well known that the Federal Reserve has created trillions of dollars and exchanged those trillion of dollars for worthless investments owned by Goldman Sachs and other big banks. Catherine Austin Fitts used to be the managing partner at Dillon Read. She pointed out that billions of dollars are spent each week from federal spending that is either not audited at all or only poorly audited. Her website has a video of Donald Rumsfeld admitting on 9-10-2001 that he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Department of Defense spending.
Her website is here:

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the official depository of the United States Treasury. It is the federal government's banker. This means that the billions of dollars are stolen every week went through the NY FED before they went missing. Treasury Secretary Geithner used to be the President of the NY FED. He needs to do serious jail time.

On 9-10-2001 Rumsfeld said he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars. On 9-11-2001 600 Pentagon employees died. Many of these men and women were military auditors. There was a bomb that went off 3 1/2 minutes before what was alleged to be Flight 77 hit the building. This is according to several military witnesses including Robert Andrews, a former Green Beret, who was the Acting Assistant Deputy Secretary of the DOD for Special Operations on 9-11 which means he was the civilian in charge of the Green Berets, the Navy Seals, the Delta force and the Army Rangers. Please consider:

The next couple of actions concern unemployment. The narrow definition of the unemployment rate is 10%. If we count the 9.8 million people working part time who want full time work, the broad definition of unemployment is over 17%. If we add back in the statistical fudge factors used to make the numbers look good, then the unemployment rate is closer to 19%. If we add in the more than a million and a half workers who dropped out of the labor force, then the the unemployment rate is already above 20% and will soon hit 25%.

I believe this is intentional. Wall Street wants to merge the United States, Canada and Mexico into a single entity to be run by the bankers on a principle of One Bank one Vote. Alex Jones has said the bankers are deliberately lowering American wages so they can more easily merge America, Canada and Mexico into a Wall Street vassal state. To do that the bankers realize they first must reduce American wages to the level of Mexico.

I want to reverse that trend.

The politicians of both parties have sent 5 million jobs overseas through NAFTA, the WTO and outsourcing. Since the economic contraction began in 2007, we have lost an additional 7 million jobs. We cured the Great Depression of 1929-1939 by entering World War II and putting idle factory workers back to work. But our politicians sent those factory jobs overseas so no Stimulus bill and no war will ever employ even one American at any factory we allowed Washington and Wall Street to send to China, India, Mexico and elsewhere.

When America's population went over 150 million, we exported food but had to import a small amount of oil. Today we import two thirds of our oil and we are net food importers. To pay for all the oil, all the food and to buy all the imported cars, clothes, toys, electronic devices we have to borrow money to bid these things away from foreigners. That is why the price of oil has risen exponentially in your life time as has America's debts while we were doubling our population.

Overpopulating was the first step and the deindustrialization of America was the second step towards the planned for impoverishment and enslavement of the American people.

Recently some foreign governments have become net sellers of American Treasury bonds. PIMCO, the world's largest bond mutual fund, has announced it will sell off American and English debt and not buy anymore. This means that soon only the Federal Reserve and government agencies will buy American bonds. When you borrow money from China and Japan, you get their stuff for free. When you print bonds and the money to buy them. all you will get is higher prices. That is our present predicament.

When we are cut off from foreign loans, we will have to cut our consumption of oil by 60% and even cut our food consumption in order to balance our trade deficit. That means a 50% paycut is coming as per the designs of Wall Street. To balance our federal and state budgets, the IMF will agree to loan us money provided we meet their terms. The traditional economic solution to balancing our trade and balancing our federal budget deficits would be to cut our wages in half and to cut federal spending in half without cutting our tax burden. This means, if a family has an income of $50,000 a year and pays $10,000 a year in taxes, an IMF economist would just say cut the family income to $30,000 a year but do not cut their $10,000 a year tax burden. Thus their after tax income will drop from $40,000 to $20,000.

Latvia was recently told by the IMF to close half their hospitals and schools and to lay off half of their police force. England, the United States and many other countries will soon face those same draconian 50% layoffs for civil servants plus severe benefits cuts if we do nothing to resist the bankers.

The heads of the IMF, the World Bank and the Financial Stabilization Board have one thing in common. They are all former vice-presidents of Goldman Sachs. If we accept the dictates of the IMF and World Bank when, not if, the dollar dies, they will take America back to pre Magna Carta rule by the Divine Right of Kings unless you have a plan ready to go that will work.

I have charted a different path.

To continue with my employment plan:

4) I would require every state and local agency plus all government contractors to use E-Verify to determine the citizenship of all their employees and and all those receiving benefits. All illegal aliens and their children are to be sent home. All recipients of Social Security disability who are foreign born and never paid into the system will be removed from the rolls and will become the financial responsibility of the people or agencies who sponsored their entry into the United States. That would cut 2,000,000 plus from Social Security and help the government to continue making payments to those who actually did pay into the system.

Years ago i remember an article that explained that almost eight million illegal aliens had taxpayer ID numbers which were used as if they were valid Social Security numbers issued to lawfully to American citizens. What we need to do is to revoke all of those numbers and freeze all of the associated bank accounts with their deposits to be refunded as soon as they have permanently left America.

I believe if we audit Social Security rolls that we will find that a million or so of those on the roll do not exist and never did exist. They were not real people but just computer entries put there as part of a computer fraud by those who think they own the government to drain us of another billion plus dollars a month.

This will remove some of the burden on state, local and federal budgets. It will also reduce demand for imported oil and food which will help to reduce our balance of trade deficit.

5) Since the M3 money supply in the United States is ten trillion plus dollars, we can increase the money supply by 400 billion dollars a year without inflation if the economy grows 4%. I would spend 200 billion dollars a year into circulation by giving each state their per capita share of a rebuild America fund. It would be used to rebuild our crumbling roads, bridges, dams, sewers and other infrastructure. States could either repeal the gas tax or use it to fund additional projects without selling bonds. If your state has 6 million people or 2% of America's population, you would get 4 billion dollars a year indefinitely to rebuild your state's infrastructure.

I would use the other 200 billion dollars to help fund Social Security and medicare.

One of the first public works projects I would create would be an impenetrable fence on our southern border so no illegal aliens and no illegal drugs will get across. If we stop the CIA from importing drugs and we arrest all bankers who are currently laundering over a trillion dollars a year in drugs and illegal weapons sales plus 500 billion dollars a year in bribes, we will put a serious dent in our crime problem.

Currently, we have 250,000 people inside America who work for three of the largest Mexican drug cartels. We have tens of thousands working for other foreign gangs.

6) To create new jobs we will have to create new industries. To do that I would cut off all paychecks and pension payments to the Pentagon, the IRS, the FBI, the DEA, the OMB, the NSA, the DHS, the DIA, the CIA and all other lettered intelligence agencies until I get answers to our questions. Who has been stealing money from unaudited federal spending and where did it go? Who has been importing illegal drugs using government planes and where did the money from those sales go? Who has been trafficking in sex slaves and where did that money go? And as to the sex slaves I would like to know the names of clients.

It has been long rumored on the Internet that the CIA and FBI have blackmailed politicians they have taped in pedophile sessions. I want the tapes and the names of the politicians and the rogue agents.

I also want all of the scientific breakthroughs made by the secret government. They started in 1943 by seizing all of Nikola Tesla's inventions, labs and notes. After the war. They added to this all of the Nazi science they seized. I have heard estimates that they have a budget in excess of 90 billion dollars and have been using that money to do advanced research. They have been working in secret for 66 years. It is past time for full disclosure.

There are people who have seen Black Triangles fly 40,000 mph. A Black Triangle can hover silently. A 747 must maintain an air speed of 167 mph to stay in the air. They have obviously discovered the secrets of anti-gravity and of zero point or free energy. To have aircraft capable of flying more then 10,000 mph in the earth's atmosphere they also must have made advances in materials sciences. The editor of Popular Mechanics told Art Bell that glass created in the zero gravity of space is stronger than steel.

The secret government also has made advances in medicine, biology, chemistry, electronics, computers, superconductors, communications and other sciences. I want all of those scientific advances to be made public and to be licensed to American owned corporations that have gone through a careful screening process.

When the dollar dies, all pensions and savings plus health care will collapse. All of our pensions and savings were transferred by design to Wall Street by design. The next few suggestions deal with those problems.

To understand what follows you will need to be familiar with the work of Walter Burien who has examined what is called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports of the 53,000 federal, state and local governments, agencies, school boards and utility districts. They have budgets with which you are familiar and they have off budget accounts which are never publicized. They have 60 trillion dollars in assets. That is enough to retire all government debt and to do a lot more. Please take a look at the following when you have time.


7) To offer health care for all I would organize Americans into health districts by counties. Very small counties would join together to form one health district with a locally elected board. If they had no hospital, they could build one or if they already had one they could run the existing one. Some large hospitals would become regional centers or even private contractors. Large counties like Manhattan or Los Angeles would be divided into much smaller neighborhood hospital districts. I would give each district $20,000 in investment funds from those 53,000 government agencies for every person in their district. So a small county of 100,000 people with one hospital and one health district would receive a portfolio of stocks and bonds worth two billion dollars.

When we release the scientific breakthroughs that will advance technology fifty years in less than a year, the value of those funds held by some 3,000 locally controlled health districts will soar.

No insurance forms. No restrictions on importing American made drugs from Canadian pharmacies means that $1.50 bags of saline will no longer become $400 expenses items. And it also means that we can pass laws to permanently rid medicine of trial lawyers who in return for 16 million dollars a year in contributions to congressional and senatorial campaigns add 50 billion dollars a year to medical costs.

Any employer could get coverage for all their employees by paying a fee of 2% of their payroll plus small co-pays and deductibles. A 5% return on a two billion dollar investment would give a district with 100,000 people an income of one hundred million dollars a year from their investment portfolio. But that would soon become two hundred million dollars as soon as the economy soars.

This plan would eliminate death panels and keep all medical decision making in the immediate community. No more decisions made in Washington. It would also make American employers competitive with overseas companies and reduce the health costs of government. This would result in more jobs and lower taxes.

8) My next proposal is that we eliminate pensions. All pension would be set aside into co-operatively owned trusts. We would make it illegal to promise to pay a fantastic sum at a future date. Money would be set aside each year into an account in your name in a trust association of your choice with the right to move your funds if you choose.

No longer would anyone from Wall Street have the right to loot your retirement account.

This would also apply to state and local governments. Their pension funds would be set aside every year from the current budget and be paid for by current taxes. Politicians could no longer run for office promising $100,000 a year pensions to every union member.

All working age employed citizens would receive a one time transfer from the portfolio of those 53,000 federal, state and local agencies.

To this figure I would add at least ten trillion dollars taken in RICO seizures from those who have abused Americans for more than 150 years.

I would release those scientific breakthroughs to American owned corporations who have manufacturing facilities in the US. I would exchange these revolutionary patents for stock shares which would be deposited into your retirement funds. The value of these dozen or more stocks will rise faster than most people could have ever dreamed possible.

Walter Burien has said he has seen trillions of dollars in assets invested by those agencies in stocks and bonds. But he has also seen trillions of dollars in assets in unknown companies that are likely owned by local politicians and other criminals. That is why he thinks many local officials act like dictators. They have tens of billions of dollars at their disposal. He also noted that the courts have incomes far in excess of major corporations. He said that In New Jersey a judge is vested in his pension after serving just one year and is owed a 5 million dollar pension.

Burien also explained that insurance companies are holding trillions of dollars in set asides for insurance that are owed to state and local governments. Burien said that is one motive for compulsory auto insurance. And also a motive for compulsory health insurance.

This money should be seized and be added to our personal pension accounts.

I would also refer you to the work of Don Nicoloff who has examined tens of thousands of real estate transactions in Cook county Illinois and Maricopa county Arizona, He has strong evidence of money laundering and wealth transfer on a massive scale.

The trillions of dollars in real estate money laundering discovered by Nicoloff should also be seized and be added to our personal pension accounts.

I should explain some things that many will already know. When the call to hold Anti-Goldman Sachs rallies goes out, the people who think they own our government will have agents provacateur in the audience trying to disrupt meetings, have endless debates and suggest violence to discredit the movement. I have outlined a plan that does not require violence. You can spot the agents because they will be trying to incite violence and racial hatred to divide us. The government party knows they cannot defeat us because Americans bought more than 14 billion bullets last year. Their plan is to get blacks, Hispanics and whites to waste their bullets by shooting each other.

Our opponents have been stealing money and killing people for centuries. They have media personalities and politicians on the Left and the Right who can step in at any moment and take over the movement which is our last chance to save our country from certain destruction. That is why we must have litmus loyalty tests and we need to educate people who have been kept in the dark by the bought and paid for media.

By getting everyone to agree that our first priority is to separate Goldman Sachs from government, we can avoid a lot of useless debate. Just tell the FBI plants to take a walk and to organize their own rallies.

We need to tell people to research nanothermite. Thermite is a cutting agent used by welders since the 19th century. It is a metal oxide with additional metals like aluminum and magnesium. Nanothermite is top secret finely milled thermite that can only be obtained at military labs in the United States and Israel. Nanothermite can melt steel girders in seconds. No office fire has ever melted steel girders. And aviation fuel could never have turned 424,000 cubic yards of concrete into powder. Only some sort of high grade military explosive far superior to C4 could have done that. Neither nanothermite nor any advanced weapons explosives are available to people who live in caves in Afghanistan. These items are only available to men with above top secret security clearances in the US and Israel.

This needs to be told to as many people as possible before the rallies and to everyone at them. Many Americans still think of Israel as an ally. This will change overnight as soon as the dollar collapses and the Zionist control mechanism grinds to a halt.

No man or woman can either predict or much less control the reactions of the American people on the day the dollar dies and the government dies with it. The best thing we can do is to attempt to keep the main points on the front burner.

We must take over the Federal Reserve and replace Federal Reserve Notes with non-interest bearing debt free Treasury Notes. We have no gold so a gold standard is a moot point.

We must get hold of the scientific breakthroughs now held by the secret government. We need to create millions of new jobs and cut utility bills by two-thirds or more.

We must get rid of all the criminals in our government who have stolen billions of dollars every week from unaudited federal spending and have stolen trillions of dollars in Bailouts. We must get rid of the men at the CIA who have brought drugs into America and the military contractors who have been engaging in human trafficking.

It goes without saying that the media and the Foundations which fronted for the Council on Foreign Relations and Wall Street should be subject to RICO lawsuits. They are guilty of conspiring to cover up the war crimes and the treason of Wall Street.

We must build a fence on our southern border to keep out illegal aliens and drugs. We must use IRS and Social Security records plus E-Verify to send the illegal aliens home.

We must seize all of the assets of those men and women who have conspired against us to kill our political leaders, to blow up buildings with Americans inside, to get our troops killed in engineered foreign wars and to steal our wealth.

Never Surrender. Their Arrogance And Greed Will Undo Those Who Think They Own The Government And Us. We Are Free Men And Women. We Will Never Be Slaves. From This Day Forward We Resolve To Never Believe Any Of Their Lies.