Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anti-Semitism Debunked

This movie is a fascinating study on the brainwashing of Jews by Jews and the power of false perceptions.

The filmmaker, Yoav Shamir, is an Israeli who never experienced anti-Semitism and set out on a world odyssey to find it and study it. His discoveries are shocking.

You couldn’t make this stuff up, but making stuff up is what many Jews have resorted to doing. The movie shows how Jews and Jewish organizations in Israel, the United States, and the world promote narcissism, heightened paranoia and the imagining of the most horrifying monsters when what they are actually seeing is their own shadow on the walls of a cave. The result is the regular staging of false victimhood, or more accurately put, predatory lying. During the film’s first hour several Israeli teens are caught falsifying their experience with three elderly men in Poland as proof of anti-Semitism, which is almost gleefully promoted as “aha–I caught one!” Shamir debunks her claim.

It is admitted in this film that Jews who practice their religion and base their identity with their religion deny experiencing anti-Semitism, while Jews who do not practice their religion seek out the ADL as a “forum” for their Jewish identity, so that who they are as a people is dependent upon the continued existence of anti-Semitism. This bring us to the question, if anti-Semitism does not exist, then who is a Jew (at least one who does not practice his or her religion)? The idea of being a victim is what reinforces Jewish identity–without it, they lose their identity.

Shamir, the Israeli filmmaker follows Abe Foxman, chairman of the Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai Brith, and shows him up as a chronic malingerer, the boy who cries “wolf!” He exaggerates dubious accounts as anti-Semitism, or fabricates where there is none for the secondary gain of money and external power. Through his organization, conferences, website, and all communications, Foxman’s staging of Jewish suffering is the means of Jewish intolerance toward all non-Jews.

Being Jewish has become an identity of victimhood that spawns justifies predatory acts. The victims themselves are now the predators.

Many Jews are fighting the predators from within. Shamir interviews numerous Jews who speak out against the reinforcement of false paranoia and “right-wing” Jewish politics. He discovers that “those who try to say anything different are being silenced.” Norm Finklestein, whose own parents were concentration camp survivors, talks about the shamefulness of how the richest and most powerful ethnic group in the United States “sits around and talks about anti-semitism”. Narcissism, he calls it. Finklestein tragically states, “The irony is the Nazi Holocaust has now become the main ideological weapon for launching wars of aggression.” He later states, “The best thing that could happen to Israel is to get rid of these American Jews, who are warmongers from Martha’s Vineyard. And they’re warmongers from the Hamptons. And they’re warmongers from Beverly Hills. And they’re warmongers from Miami. It’s been a disaster for Israel.”

Uri Avnery, of Gush Shalom, points out that the Jewish lobby in America does not fight Anti-Semitism, but criticism of Israel, which does more to harm Jews than help. He states, “In America, hardly any anti-Semitism exists. It’s a myth. There is none,” and that it exist only “in the minds of the Jewish big shots of the world who make a living fighting anti-Semitism.”

Which leads us to question, who Jews would be if there was no anti-Semitism. The social identity of Jews today as a whole is built upon a foundation of nearly non-existent anti-Semitism, where any “evidence” of it can be found only under a microscope. And by pulling straws. The only way Jews can carry on is to make it up as they go along, and this is promoted by the ADL. If anti-Semitism is debunked and the rest of the world finally refuses to play along, who are Jews then? Who are they without their false suffering?

The film ends witnessing the students and Foxman tearfully identifying with the loss of their ancestors. One of the girls says she wants to kill the people who did this. She is told, “but they are all dead”. Revealingly, she responds, “yes, but they have heirs. They may be different but they are still there.”

Shamir ruefully concludes the emphasis on the past has held Jews back. “Maybe it’s about time to live in the present and look to the future.”

Monday, May 16, 2011

Refusing Bullshit

A friend wrote me her concerns that the satanic cult, the tribe, yes, the one from the Synagogue of Satan, has taken over the world. Among the links she sent me about the negative mind the tribe induces in the "Gentile" people, were that of a Jewish artist who produced many disturbing images. She said that people are using vices, like drugs, alcohol, sex outside commitments, cigarettes, to get to "a happy place" in a world filled with anxiety and pain; a world filled with the death images created by the Synagogue of Satan.

My friend asked for my thoughts on reversing the takeover by the satanic cult. I responded:

That leslie brack--look again at her art--check out the glass of whiskey--just behind one of the ice cubes there is a face of an ET or maybe a skull. Looks like ET. Some artists working for advertisers or public relations, etc. will paint in hidden shapes like Rorschach images, so that you think you are looking at one thing, and your emotions are picking up something else, feelings that you can't explain. For example, images of sex, fear, and death are often painted or photo-shopped into images. I saw an Absolute vodka ad with ghostly faces in the ice cubes.

A plan for reversing things? Here's something I've been pondering--follow Jefferson's advice about pursuing happiness. Not buying stuff to be happy, but experiences. Happiness is an experience. Working to buy stuff is slavery, even if it's for the nicest things. Things don't last forever and we can't take them with us, and descendants sometimes ruin them. So who cares about the things. Happiness is a here and now experience and the pursuit is in the present moment. Not doing things that we'll pay for later, like drinking too much.

Americans and a lot of Westerners have lost a sense of meaning in their lives because we're buying stuff instead of spending our time with present enjoyment. Most people don't spend enough time with the people they love. We need more moments in the presence of the people we adore. Instead we spend hours in traffic in the river of greed.

Most people don't sit out and enjoy the stars anymore, or listen to the crickets at night, or birds in the morning before the day gets busy. These are the sights and sounds of the divine. Happiness is about feeling our own divinity, our own foreverness in the moment. I think experiencing happiness, and learning how to share it with others is the way to stop the satanic synagogue takeover of the world. They do everything to make us feel anxious so we'll buy things (like those anxiety producing images in advertising) and engage in long-term self-destructive behavior that are a temporary mood fix. They make us feel ashamed for our imperfections, and our age, and for not being up with the times, and so on. They get over us by making us feel ill, depressed, and we feel like schmucks if we are not ambitious.

They poison us. They poison our natural ability to be happy. They are poison.

We have to win not a war, but win our freedoms from lives of poison. The shift will send many people into depression because they won't know where they are going. I made it across the Rubicon forever. I am not the same person I used to be. But it is the person I am now, not the one I used to be, who has realized the way out of hell is to pursue happiness at all costs to the ego. It is the soul that needs to be fed, not the artificial trappings of the ego. The ego has to be let go so that the soul can be free to experience the present moment. The soul can't experience the past or the future. Now is the only existing time. Beating them at their game means refusing to be scared; to recognized when they are scaring us and recognize it all for what it really is--bullshit.

I think we all need to get into the habit of saying "bullshit" every time we feel fear, for someone outside ourselves is trying to manipulate us, or someone long ago manipulated us and we are the living remnants of old induced psychic horror. Refusing to be afraid is the way out of the dark. Everything that is fear does not exist.

I went on hikes yesterday and today. Yesterday I took with me a friend from work. She wanted to go, sort of invited herself, but I welcomed her. I chose a trail that would have been a little over two miles, and the first half of it was uphill. You know, she bathed before she came, was wearing earrings and a necklace, had her hair done. Incredibly, she was an hour and 45 minutes late in meeting me to leave for the hike. I told her days before that I hike for a work out, and suggested tee-shirt, hiking boots, and water. I wore the backpack. She wanted to bring a sweater. She wore a jean jacket and a rain jacket over that, and nice sport shoes. It was about 65 degrees, but it doesn't take long to warm up.

I guess she thought she was just going to amble down a path or two and sit down, but I was clear to her about what I do. The first half of the hike was all uphill. It wasn't too steep, but steep enough for her to need a lot of breaks--which was fine. I need to be patient for others in encouraging them along. At one point she asked about how much farther to go and by my map I estimated and offered to her if she wanted to turn back, because at least it would all be downhill. We went back in about half the time it took to climb and the situation was ok by me. I remembered a time when I was like her and realized how far I'd come.

I still enjoyed being in the woods. I could feel my soul out there. The forest was beautiful.

Later, I took her to a nearby town for shopping at a popular place that is very cheap. There was linoleum on concrete floors, ugly florescent lighting, incredible dust from the clothing, the appearance of a warehouse, and lots of foreigners in what used to be an all white town back in the mid-90's. I picked up a few cheap tanks for exercise. She went to the dressing rooms. My patience started to wear and I wanted to get the hell out of there. My body simply felt bad walking on those concrete floors and the flourescent lighting was making me irritable. I ended up with a headache. What a contrast to the woods.

That is the contrast I'm honing in on. The anxiety and sickness of shopping, of consuming, and of give me give me. Entitlement. It makes us feel like hell, but we're supposed to enjoy that.

Today, I hit the local trail by myself as I usually do. A civil war battle occurred there. You can't get lost because all trails begin and end at the road. I just wandered through there, choosing directions at forks. It sprinkled a few times. There was only a handful of people at all in the parking lot and I never saw another person out in the woods. I stopped at a pond a while and immediately spotted a snapping turtle. To me, this is divine. I went at my own pace and I kept a brisk one. It didn't seem very long, but I was surprised it was an hour and a half. Divine experiences are timeless.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stalking the Wild Taboo

Hardin's Law - It takes five years for a willing person's mind to change. Have patience with yourself and others when treading in an area protected by a taboo.

German grandchildren of Nazis delve into past

As a person of Irish descent, and descendant of genocide, slavery, and exile, I look upon the constant bilking of the suffering identity as a cash cow. The fact is every single human being on the planet is a victim. The task is in what we choose to do with it. People can rise above their victimhood and choose not to victimize more people. The problem is, a lot of victims feel that the things that happened to them gives them the right to harm other people, and control them with their wounds. Many victims become predators. All predators were once victims, and they are the ones to blame for repeating the past.

"Never again" has become never forget, never let them forget, and exact revenge.

The Jews are committing genocide against the Palestinians, scream "Holocaust" the whole way, and the Palestinians never had anything to do with that, and rightly defend their lives. Jews control the entire European race by inflicting collective guilt so that they have our support in the evil things they do, like steal land, wipe Palestinians and other Middle Easterners off the map, and enslave the middle class of the Western world with their banking and Wall Street usury. They get away with brainwash because they control Hollywood and all forms of media, press, and publishing.

I for one am sick of watching my people be their slaves and Palestinians get erased from the earth. As a descendant of genocide, I'm sick of the holocaust cash cow.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Congressional Candidate Dan Adler and His Racist Ad

Congressional Candidate Dan Adler and His Racist Ad

by Ralph Iver

The title of recent news articles say Jewish congressional candidate, Dan Adler "targets Asians with bizarre ad". That title should instead read "Dan Adler Targets Asians with Racist Ad".

It appears that he is stereotyping Asians and faces flack for his condescending approach to them. Perhaps the thought should occur to people that much racial impropriety by people who appear "White" are actually done by people who are Jews.

Adler states in his ad that "I definitely approve this message." What does he approve? With this video ad, expressing that he is Jewish, he approves that minorities "should stick together"--and the unspoken is against, who else, but majority Whites; implying that White people should be excluded; that he will represent minorities over Whites; that minorities should encourage thoughts and acts of racism toward Whites, at a minimum denying them adequate representation. Dan Adler's campaign presents a clear message of his intentions to disenfranchise a majority group of people based on their race: people of European descent.

In the past week, mainstream media has released that in ten states, White children under age 18 are now the minority. How does Adler's ad, a thinly veiled statement of prejudice towards Whites, fit in with that reality? Adler is a supporter of immigration reform and the DREAM act, which will hasten the demise of Westernization, Western values, and yes, White people as a race. His intent clearly is to make a shrinking race of Whites utter strangers in their own land. Indeed, for many of us, we already are.

Adding to the seriousness of all this is the fact that Whites are disallowed any claims to being victimized on account of their race--ever. It is extremely difficult to win an argument that Whites are often victims on account of their race, let alone stop actual disenfranchisement, loss of equity, and violence.

Adler uses his Jewishness (not his White skin color) to ally himself racially with local constituents, Asian people. However, do Asians understand that the creator of the atom bomb that decimated Hiroshima and Nagasaki was Jewish? J. Robert Oppenheimer, a communist, stated of his part in this genocide of Asians, "I carry no weight on my conscience." Alder seems to carry no weight on his conscience in using Asians and other "minorities" to promote his racist agenda to exclude White people from representation by their government officials. He carries no weight on his shoulder for his part for the coming loss of the United States as a Western nation. He carries no weight on his shoulders for promoting minorities to "stick together" as a group, deepening the wedges in the American identity and hastening balkanization.

But we are not looking solely at a racial issue. We have here an equally deep problem in the loss of Westernization. People have differing worldviews along racial and regional lines. In the grand scheme are the two major world views, the Occident and the Orient. The Occident, Westernization, is shrinking fast due to the flood of non-European immigration into European homelands. What will not be annihilated by the homicide of anti-White policies and laws will be completed with the suicide of socially-promoted "White Guilt". In their own countries, Koreans are the majority, Chinese are the majority, and Japanese are the majority--and proudly so; however, the United States, which had a 90% majority of Whites in 1960, has fallen so far since the 1965 immigration act that we will have no majority race in another 30 years. This is unimaginable in places like China and Korea. Floods of non-Asian immigration do not happen in Asian countries, yet, it is aggressively promoted in Western nations, even by law. Asians have protected their racial integrity and guarded their right to their non-Western world views. We are rapidly losing ours.

Pat Buchanan wrote in the introduction to his book, Death of the West,

"[N]o nation in history has gone through a demographic change of this magnitude in so short a time, and remained the same nation. Mr. Clinton assured us that it will be a better America when we are all minorities and realize true 'diversity'. Well, those students are going to find out, for they will spend their golden years in a Third World America. Uncontrolled immigration threatens to deconstruct the nation we grew up in and convert America into a conglomeration of peoples with almost nothing in common--not history, heroes, language, culture, faith, or ancestors. Balkanization beckons."

Who is Dan Adler, anyway? He is a member of the American Jewish Committee's National Board of Governors. He is also on a board of directors at the Israeli Policy Forum, a diplomatic organization that supports a two-state solution between the Israelis and Palestinians, and has been accused of being pro-Palestinian. Adler concurs with the two-state solution that might be in the interests of Palestinians. However, he takes the expected hard-line that "America's responsibility to Israel is an unshakable one". One of one side of his mouth he supports negotiations; on the other side negotiation is not possible, and America's loyalty must be "unshakable". He also stands against Iran--one more war positioned to wipe thousands more innocents off the map.

From the news, we find he is a former executive of Disney. Why is this important? Walt Disney cleaned up fairytales for children and promoted wholesome values for families, at a time when the nation was a majority of devout Christians. At the time of his production company, as a Christian he was a minority in a very Jewish Hollywood. Disney, a hardened anti-communist, was inconclusively rumored to be an anti-Semite (in other words, there is not enough evidence to this, and we will never know for sure). After his death, Disney productions was overtaken by the very people he purported held in contempt, and who have lead the company steadily away from Disney's values of old fashion commitment to family and decency.

The following is an excerpt about the transfer of power to Jewish bosses after Walt Disney's death, by William Pierce:

The real problem, of course, was that Walt Disney's vision of the world, as reflected in the films he produced, was wholly different from that of the Jewish film producers around him. As long as Walt was making Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck cartoons, this problem could be overlooked. When he began animating feature-length fairy tales like Snow White and Cinderella, the Jews in Hollywood became increasingly nervous. The world of Snow White was an entirely White world, a European world. It stirred racial memories in White Americans, and the aim of the Jewish media bosses then as now was to make White Americans forget their roots. They wanted to begin promoting multiculturalism as soon as the Second World War was over, and Walt was in their way. They couldn't push racial mixing in their films and have someone as popular as Walt Disney refuse to go along: the contrast would be obvious to the public. Even Disney's extremely popular Nature films were resented by the rest of Hollywood. Films which promoted a love for animals and the natural world were viewed with suspicion by men whose view of life was entirely economic and urban.

These may seem like subtle differences, and in fact most people outside of Hollywood were oblivious to the ideological and cultural conflict between Walt Disney and the other film producers. The closest that the conflict came to attracting public attention was during the 1940s and early 1950s, when Walt Disney's total lack of sympathy for Communism and his refusal to let Communist propaganda be introduced into any of his productions set him apart from the rest of Hollywood. While Walt was alive, however, there wasn't much that Hollywood could do about him. He was too popular with the American people.

After Walt died in 1966, however, the situation changed. His company had depended on his genius for its prosperity, and without him it had a difficult time keeping up with the competition. After Disney company profits had declined for several years, Jewish corporate raiders Saul Steinberg and Irwin Jacobs moved in for the kill. In 1984, after Steinberg had milked the company of $32 million, Disney family shareholders were too weak to resist a takeover by Michael Eisner, the Jewish boss of Paramount Pictures. Eisner in turn brought in as his second in command another Jew, Jeffrey Katzenberg. The company that Walt Disney built -- the company that gave us Snow White and Fantasia -- has been in Jewish hands ever since.

During his first day as chairman of the Disney company -- his first day, believe it or not -- Eisner ordered the production of an R-rated film, about the kinky sexual misadventures of a typically neurotic Jewish family in the Los Angeles area. This was the first R-rated film ever produced by the Disney company -- but certainly not the last.

Speaking of R-rated, Adler, backed by his former Disney colleague, Michael Eisner, produced two more video ads making use of R-rated language, having his 11-year old son use foul language for the cameras. Disney would have rolled over in his grave over how his vision, which was also America's vision in a more unified time, has been profoundly undermined.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mocking Jesus on Israeli TV

This needs to reach every Christian in America. I'm angry at this never ending sickness of these people, and I'm even angrier at the support they get from the people they degrade. But you won't see Christians rioting in the streets with violence over this.

Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to "wipe Israel off the map."

From 2007.