Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mistreatment of Christians

I've never been an atheist. I'm agnostic. I don't believe Jesus was "God". I don't even have an answer to who or what God is, or even that God really exists. No one does, and that's why this is about beliefs, faith. Atheists can't prove anything either. They believe there is no God. They can't prove it--they just believe they are right. They are just as crazy as the people they point their fingers at. I don't have a problem with religion as long as it's supportive of people; as long as they help human rights. Not all, but a lot of atheists have entered into the realm of denying the right of human expression to people they disagree with. Many say they are "humanists", but I'll argue that because of their mistreatment of Christians they are not. It's one thing to disagree with Christians, but to make fun of them or put them down is to behave exactly in the way we are trying to prevent.

One thing I am is pro-American and pro-Westernization--that is, in our own (Western) corner of the world. Most Westerners are Christian. I think something like 70% or more of Americans identify as Christian, and because Christians have long been flexible about laws and freedoms, I oppose the repression of them by non-Christians. The rest of us ought to know better than to try to take away freedom of religion. The operative word is "of". Not instead of, or without. Argument and debates are fine. Establishing laws against the first amendment is another matter--which is just what has happened in the past three or four decades.

I spend my time looking for truths. There are clues of it everywhere. I find specs of it in any culture, any religion, any political line of thinking, etc. Because I'm a Westerner, I can "speak Christianity" as a language. I will include many different views on any given subject. In the subject of money, yes, I often go to the bible to look for what is there because in Westernization that is one of the uniforms of thoughts used in understanding the ethics around money issues. For example--we have some really corrupt people in the highest levels of government and banking institutions, people the rest of us can't get at, can't fire, and even have a hard time identifying. They are snakes in suits--predators (there's a book by that name). The rest of us who would not do those kinds of things to other people need to understand how they do this to us if we want to stop our being controlled. We have to become as wise as snakes--not to become snakes, but to know what they know. As far as I'm concerned, the bible gives a good example of explaining this, and I don't think I should overlook it just because my beliefs are different from the intentions of Christianity.

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