Saturday, April 25, 2009

David Duke: Prisoner of Conscience

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david-08-conf-cut-resizeDavid Duke: Prisoner of Conscience in Czech Republic
by Ralph Iver

Contact the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington DC:
Embassy: The Czech Republic
3900 Spring of Freedom Street, NW, Washington DC 20008
Telephone: (202) 274-9100
Fax: (202) 966-8540

Listen up, Folks. Dr. David Duke has been arrested and detained by the Czech Republic police and is falsely accused of the crime of Holocaust denial. Jan Mikulovsky, spokesman for the police states this carries up to a three year sentence. He is falsely accused of promoting “movements seeking suppression of human rights”. David Duke does not suppress human rights, he fights for them. We the people of the world must join together to demand an end to the spread of draconian Orwellian thoughtcrime laws throughout Western nations. We must demand this man’s freedom.

David Duke is a prisoner of conscience. This term, coined by Amnesty International, indicates someone who is “imprisoned because of their race, religion, color, language, sexual orientation, belief, or lifestyle so long as they have not used or advocated violence. It also refers to those who have been imprisoned and/or persecuted for the non-violent expression of their conscientiously-held beliefs.”

David Duke is being held on account of his race, his support for his own race, and for the non-violent expression of his conscientiously-held beliefs. He has never advocated violence–you will not find any of the sort in his books, in any of his writings, on any of his internet radio shows. You will find no such advocating of violence anywhere by Dr. David Duke. If you have been following along for the past eight years of the existence of this website, you will have heard and read on a constant> basis that Dr. Duke opposes the use of violence or force. Instead, he fully supports upholding the basic human right of free thought and free speech. Shared ideas move humanity forward; shared truths help keep us from falling backward; shared opinions is the spice promoting tolerance.

Dr. Duke promotes tolerance–towards people around the world who are White. Throughout the entirety of Western nations, White people have been intimidated into silence at our own expense; our tolerance towards others is demanded by them, but it is almost never returned in kind. Western minds have been poisoned by a design of control by governments, the media, education, film, and even artistic forms. We are disallowed everywhere the right to think thoughts that are considered “unpopular”, much less openly express those opinions. The ultimate act of tolerance is the bravery to weather opinions we don’t like. The ultimate intolerance is the establishment of laws against opinions, thoughts, and speech. In other words, throughout the West, we are subjected to laws against our disagreeing with the people who put them there.

Laws against free thought can, have, and do result in genocide. The least of our worries is legal involvement and imprisonment. One only has to recall the history of communist countries to see how over a hundred million citizens can be murdered by their own governments for what they believe. This is what David Duke stands against; this is what he has spent his life defending against. One of the most basic human rights is the right to what we do with our own minds and voices, and every law created against either poses an eventual threat to the lives of millions of people.

Of all people who should understand this, are those people David Duke has defended, the Slavic people, citizens of the Czech Republic. The loss of millions of Slavs by genocide has been forgotten, deliberately erased and dropped down the fiery memory hole, by an increasingly controlled Western society. Today, it’s David Duke. Tomorrow, it is all the rest of us.

In America, John Adams created the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the War Between the States.

Roosevelt placed Japanese-Americans into concentration camps.

Johnson and Nixon used the military and FBI to spy on war protesters and labeled many “subversives”.

Today, like most of Europe, we stand facing another thoughtcrime law that will apprehend American citizens the same way David Duke was arrested today–even on false accusation, let alone an actual voiced opinion.

Such laws create criminals out of innocent people. Such laws even result in their deaths. Such laws eventually result in genocide. The curtailment of basic human rights is never justified.

The police in the Czech Republic are wrong about David Duke–he is a brave defender of human rights, never one to suppress it. We at implore the good sense of the government of the Czech Republic to free this man, a prisoner of conscience.

Free thought and the voicing of those thoughts is a basic human right that everyone in the world is born with. Laws against them are a design of mass intimidation that, in its worst form, can kill.

Free David Duke, demand an end to the false accusations against him, and preserve Free Speech. Call the embassy of the Czech Republic.


  1. Duek is free now, but he should leave our country. This was not action of Czech people but of our corrupted government.

  2. Duke is free now, but he should leave our country. This was not action of Czech people but of our corrupted government.