Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obama's Hometown a Cesspool of Black Youth Violence

Chicago Beating DeathObama’s Hometown a Cesspool of Black Youth Violence: Is this the new America?

By Ralph Iver

Tonight’s news show a video where thirty-some teens of two rival Black gangs in Chicago beat each other up with large sticks, and 16 year old Derrion Albert was murdered. The actual cell phone footage is at this site. Pictured left are Silvonus Shannon and Eugene Riley, two out of four so far charged with the murder.

Black violence cannot be adequately explained because we cannot discuss it in terms of Black behavior, but blame must always somehow be linked to White people.

I wonder what the former community organizer in Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama, was doing with his time back in the days of South Chicago. While he sat Sunday after Sunday listening to Rev. Wright’s racist tirades against Whites, Obama apparently did not make much of a difference in his old neighborhoods now that teen violence among Blacks has skyrocketed, victimizing both Blacks and Whites. Have young Blacks and their parents interpreted a presidential win for their race as license for increased aggression? You tube is getting flooded with video after video of school bus beatings by gangs of Black teens and pre-teens–usually against White kids. Parents of these teens have so little control over their kids behaviors and even engage in racist violence against White children themselves!

Is this the kind of freedom the Civil Rights Movement sought back in the 1960’s–the freedom to kill and beat up innocents? Police officers all across the country get shamed out of doing their jobs in preventing this madness with the epithets of “racists” and “racial profilers” while young Blacks brazenly recreate little Rwandas all across the nation.

Obama’s administration is more concerned with spreading the lie and epithet that anyone who criticizes him is “racist” and does nothing about it but continue to support the false blame against Whites for the epidemic of violence among the Black population nationwide. Whites don’t create that problem–Blacks do. Look at Africa. Look at what happened to the former Rhodesia. Africans are doing that, not Whites. How about the breathtaking violence against their own women in places like the “Democratic” Republic of Congo? Whites don’t do that, Africans do. Blame Whites for slavery? Africans caught their own and Jews ran most of the trading. By the way, there are 27 million slaves and victims of human trafficking today! But none of that is seen as a problem.

The Black response to the expected violent behavior of most of their male youths? Constant denial. Let’s not call them “gang leaders”, as the “enemies” do (I presume he means White people), says Louis Farrukahn; let’s call those alpha thugs “Youth Leadership”. Let’s call it “random violence”, not a “hate crime” when the victims are White; Blacks “don’t want to put Black youth in the firing line of the justice system”. Even Black ministers and Black mayors contribute to the orgies of Black gang violence by looking the other way. Or young murders are called “good kids“. Bullets start flying in the projects and it’s blamed on poverty–tell that one to the White people all across Appalachia. In February of 2009, 60 percent of Kentucky Appalachians fell below poverty–and we never hear of gang violence among them. How many Appalachian kids die each year from Appalachian gangs?

Phil Jackson, of the Black Star Project in Chicago, sees failing schools, an abundance of jails and media images that promote the destruction of Black boys. “Worst of all is the passivity, the lack of urgency, the disengagement of the Black community as our sons are being destroyed,” said Mr. Jackson, who wore a yellow sweatshirt emblazoned with the slogan, “Educate or Die,” to an April 11 event held to recruit Black youth into preventive programming.

By the way, the media is controlled by Jews.

Who’s passivity?

Certainly not young Black males. A burglar gang of them certainly weren’t passive when they killed 12 year old Emily Haddock, sick at home with the flu. Another gang of them weren’t passive when they killed a White, pregnant 21 year old restaurant manager in Detroit a year ago. (It only takes five minutes to find all these You Tubes and articles, folks–the problem really is that bad.) We’ll never forget Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome.

Almost 50 Black kids beating up a White family in Akron, Ohio on July 7, 2009 shouting, “This is our world, and this is a Black world”, certainly wasn’t considered a racist hate crime. As the young man says in that video, if you are White, especially a White male, you have lost your 14th Amendment right to equal protection under the law: You are out of luck if you think it’s a hate crime.

Had enough? This was brought on by the most recent report that over 30 school kids have been murdered this year by such thugs in the former community organizer, Obama’s hometown. I think I blew a gasket when I saw that article. Welcome to Obamanation.


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