Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Heretic is on the loose

Some guy named Daniel is asking a lot of dangerous questions that might get him into trouble. READ HIS BLOG: http://openingmind.blogspot.com/


We have lost more than 2,000,000 American manufacturing jobs in the past
two years. Unlike the previous recessions, the majority of lay offs are
permanent and not for just a few months as in the past.

The definition of unemployment used up until 1994 is called U-6 and is
currently 16.8% as compared to the 9.7% U-3 figure the media allows the
government to report.

The CIA museum has a listening device that looks like a dragonfly but is
actually a battery powered drone that eavesdrops on conversations and transmits
them to a satellite above. That drone is an example of CIA museum piece
technology dating back to 1978.

My question is this: Why have you not gone to the CIA and asked them for
one of their more advanced secret batteries to make hybrid cars and alternative
energy affordable and more practical? One act of courage just might in part save
the world from a Depression many think will be worse than 1929-1939.

Please ask this question in public forums to any available politician or
media personality.

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