Sunday, February 21, 2010

Video: Black Panther intimidation at voter poll, Philly 2008

Black Panthers intimidate voters in Philadelphia with night stick

After you see that 6 minute video, here is the ten point plan of the Black Panther Party. It begins with demands that the US government should take care of black people, and that capitalism should end. Its charge is that the US government is racist, however the demands made by the Black Panther Party covers only rights for black and other people of color, referenced as "our people". There is no mention of the oppressed who are not black, people of color, or who are female.

1. Point to consider: what they are demanding is in effect communism.

2. Fact: Communist governments killed over 100 million of their own citizens in less than a century--not by war between countries, but from within. Like the Black Panther Party, they, too, have used intimidation, threats, violence and murder to establish control over all people within their reach. Middle class and intelligent people/intelligencia are the most known targets, but poor classes have also been genocided along with them en mass. This last fact is always missing in the rhetoric in the demands for socialism or socialist actions that are based in communism and Marxism.

3. My opinion hearkening back to the party's demands that black people should be taken care of by their government: To be taken care of, or otherwise "kept", IS to be enslaved and to lose freedoms. The Black Panther's demands give new meaning to Orwell's famous line, "Slavery is Freedom".

4. What we need to do:

First, we need to pay attention to our gut. If it doesn't feel right, then there's something wrong.

We need to pay attention to how words and statements are manipulated in order to manipulate perceptions. Note that perceptions have nothing to do with truth.

We need learn the roots of any ideas that are pushed on us. Just because something sounds reasonable on the surface does not mean it is good for people, even for those who make the demands. Spend a little time doing some research and start feeding your curiosities.

Last one I'll make, but most important: Freedom comes with personal responsibility--not a babysitter. Rule by freedom takes thought and intelligence. Rule by communism is rule by violence--for the obvious fact that the intelligent are slaughtered.

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