Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wanna see what a hardscrabble mountain woman can do?

From an email:

And I ain't even finished. FIVE hours of work. Eight inch garden shovel since they ran out of snow shovels. I don't mind a little bit of exercise. I LIKE it. Wanna see what a beer drinkin', estrogen-producing metro-male can't do? When my dad died the last real man went the ways save for my brother and sister's husband. Seventy five feet of walkways shoveled twice, twice, all the way around the car, off the car and then it just got too damned dark for me to go the last 8 feet of driveway. Three more inches fell before I quit the second time. I'll have something to do with myself tomorrow, so the metro-male roommate can roll home in a couple days from his parties and take the space for his car and throw his feet up in front of his five foot LED TV and play his nightly video games like he's done for the last ten months while he collects his entitlements from the unemployment office. Hey, he's entitled to it.

When they say Mexicans do the work white people are too lazy to do boy were they ever right.....speak for yourselves LIBTARDS. You sit on your swollen tushies emailing out redneck jokes making fun of people who really do work for everything they got, while you whine if your fingernail paint chips a day after Yoko Ono gave you your manicure or dear god there's a line at the Polo counter at Macy's! Oh it's terrible we can't go "Holiday" shopping today but the home association's foreign workers will take care of the snow.

In fact, we're all entitled. We're entitled to the job of our dreams and not one that makes us actually work; gummit money while we apply for two jobs a week and play video games while we wait for dream job; entitled to welfare and five kids and lots of sex, nevermind the free birth control, although the middle class ought to know better than to pop out a litter of kids since we've got global overpopulation. We don't want more of those people no more they're a bunch of racist republicans, especially out there in them hills; we're entitled to shopping everyday and the new SUV or the convertible every time the lease runs out no clunkers for me; in fact I trust in the God of Stuff to make sure I get a Lexus and oh well if the bank reposseses it if the bottom falls out of the housing market I'll just let Uncle Sam take care of me cause I'm entitled. Mr. Man-boobs can stiff the roommate with two weeks notice--she'll take care of everything, it's called equal rights. He's entitled.

Well, excuse me this child of the redneck countryside ain't entitled to nothing. I'm not entitled to anything but what I can do for myself. I'm not entitled to Mexican immigrants to do my work for me. I'm not entitle to have anyone do my housework if THEY make a mess and if I want it done I have to do it all myself. I'm not entitled to have anyone clean out the cat boxes for me or the throw up, I do all that myself. I'm not entitled to a man's help with shoveling snow or even the dishes washed while I work and he doesn't. His pizza cutter always in the sink a present for me. I'm not entitled to be a women now that I have my rights to be a man. I'm not entitled to have a real man. Beer, estrogen, and Redskins rule, although those Redskins are a bunch of racist white good old boys for having that name--they should be sued, but don't look at the rape statistics at the department of justice, that's not politically correct.

I'm not even entitled to my human rights because I don't even have a government that guarantees them anymore. I fight for my rights. I'll just load up the instrument of proposed gun-control and control it with steady aim--nobody needs to give me a damn thing. I'll create it, I'll solve it. I even got my own sorry shovel because I handle everything like a hardscrabble mountain woman should. I take every subversive action to do what freedom meant for me to do and damn those who expect me to give to their sorry arses, walking into my country with their hand out and calling us certain epithets cause they heard a rumor those words make us feel guilty and we'll give them anything not to be called certain names--what freaking spineless prostitutes half of Americans have become--you know which half and it ain't the rednecks. We work for what we got and we don't WHINE about it. Or how about all the entitled CRIMINALS we're supposed to feel sorry for (what victims?) they had a poor childhood, lack of opportunity given to them, history of slavery (oh wait, that sounds like me!) poverty causes crime, everybody!--unless you're a redneck then you're just a redneck, indentured servitude ignored. Criminal baby daddy gone somewhere maybe the prison in the next state, they didn't do well in school because the teachers were mean asking them to do their homework. We gotta feel sorry for these psychopaths, they failed out of school, you know, drugs. They should be freed and drugs legalized.

On prozac, Kids? Well, just bring in a kosher gun like Klebold and his schmuck Harris did and take out your frustrations dear, half the country will feel sorry for YOU and only you. Jail the teacher who hides a pistol in her car on school property, no sir--ee. No, lets not hold individual people responsible for their own actions unless they are the anglo-saxon good old boys who think that Africans are promiscuous and that's why they have AIDS.

They're mean--they hate liberals and they all look like Ann Coulter--haters all of them. We hate them. They exposed ACORN for prostitution and don't you know we ought to legalize prostitution because girls who are raped as children are entitled to the high status of the legal prostitute--let's all argue in favor of their respectable income because some John or Lamont or Alon is also entitled to services and related movies. Sacred prostitution is the new Mary. And you know there are some childless business professional women out there entitled to their very own metro-male and a Mexican to shovel their snow because white people won't do the work. And if you say "Merry Christmas" in the store you will be called out for religious discrimination and charged with a hate crime.

Happy Holidays to a nation of ho's. Enjoy the snow. And don't even think of sending me a redneck joke-- I might make you look like a sieve. I have to save that energy to shovel another foot tomorrow for my pet metro-male.

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